About Us

At the RNZSPCA Annual General Meeting in June 2017, SPCA delegates voted to form one organisation. This decision has lead to the creation of one SPCA in New Zealand and has united the SPCAs around the country into one future-focused national entity.

What are the benefits of one national SPCA?

  • From our furthest north centre to those in the deep south, we can share our resources to make sure that every vulnerable animal will get the best care the SPCA can provide - no matter where they are in the country
  • We have one strategy and one voice
  • We will do more to prevent cruelty to animals in New Zealand through advocacy and education
  • We are able to develop a stronger SPCA Inspectorate
  • As one organisation, we are be able to access centralised funding opportunities and benefit from economies of scale - enabling us to have the resources to do more for the animals
In the Canterbury region, the SPCA has been dedicated to caring for all animals for over 144 years. We provide the local community with an essential service, advocating on behalf of animals through education and enforcement, when necessary. We do everything we can to ensure all animals receive the love and respect they deserve!

Every year we care for thousands of lost, sick, injured, abandoned and abused animals. We rescue animals from harmful situations, attend hundreds of animal emergencies, and investigate hundreds of complaints about the ill-treatment of animals. The SPCA has the power to protect all animals from abuse, neglect, and abandonment, including prosecuting people under theĀ Animal Welfare Act 1999.

Although we work on behalf of all animals, we are also here to serve you, the community of Ashburton.

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