Cupcake is a very special bunny who came into our care when he was just days old. He was found with seven siblings and no mum in sight.

The tiny rabbits needed around the clock care. Every few hours, morning and night, our staff carefully hand-fed them and worked extremely hard to keep them warm and healthy.

Despite knowing how difficult it is to keep tiny neonate babies alive without a mum to help, our team refused to give up, and spent several weeks doing all we could to ensure their survival. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, Cupcake was the only one to survive.

Our lead carer in Cupcake's recovery fell in love with this little 'battler' and decided to adopt her. Cupcake now lives a life of luxury and because she is so used to human interaction, she helps out our Education team occasionally, meeting students and teaching them to have empathy for SPCA feeding baby cupcake2

Every year we care for thousands of injured, sick, abandoned and abused animals just like 'Cupcake'. Without your support these animals wouldn't get the 'happy endings' they deserve.

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