'Spike' as nicknamed by SPCA staff, managed to forfeit one of his nine lives by skewering herself on a spiked fence in the suburb of Burnside.

The Fire Service and our Animal Ambulance were called to her rescue and she was soon on her way to an after hours veterinary clinic having had the spike removed from her body.

Luckily for this wee moggy the spike had missed all her vital organs - entering her body beneath the hind leg and exiting her back by more that 20cm. It appeared that Spike had tried to jump from the roof of a nearby house and misjudged her landing space.

Spike was given medication by the vet for her injuries and cared for by our Animal Centre while the search remained for her owners. After two days, a news article alerted her concerned owners to the location of their lucky lady. 'Ninja', as was her actual name, was reunited with her loving family who were able to take her home to rest up.

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