Proudly introducing 'Diesel', a sweet and friendly boy who came into our care when he was hit by a passing train and found badly injured on the side of the railway track.

When our ambulance staff rescued him they couldn't believe he was alive. His leg was broken and he was in obvious pain. They urgently took him to a vet who agreed that he needed immediate surgery to remove his badly broken leg.

Throughout Diesel's recovery he was a very affectionate boy, purring loudly and begging for regular back rubs. Despite his missing leg we knew someone would see beyond his condition and hoped he would find a new home quickly.

As we predicted, a woman named Rose immediately fell in love with Diesel, his sweet soul and incredible story of survival quickly 'sealed the deal' and we knew it was a 'perfect match'.

Rose and her husband made special ramps in their home to help Diesel get around more easily on three legs. He is very spoiled and finally living the life he deserves!

mini Rose with Finch

Every year we care for thousands of injured, sick, abandoned and abused animals just like 'Diesel'. Without your support these animals wouldn't get the 'happy endings' they deserve.

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