Horses make wonderful companion's but unfortunately many horse owners don't realise how much time, money and effort must be dedicated to caring for these beautiful creatures.

Too often we see cases like "Maggie's" where owners are failing in their responsibilities. Please read below to hear her story...

Our Inspectorate team received a complaint pertaining to a malnourished horse which had been spotted in a field with no grass or feed.

One of our Inspectors quickly visited the owner to discover an underweight horse who was deteriorating rapidly. The owner admitted she was unsure how to look after Maggie and had purchased her as a riding companion for her daughter. Over the next two months we worked closely with the family giving advice and encouragement as required. Unfortunately the extra expenses for vet care, and demands on time, eventually proved too difficult for the family and they agreed it was in the Maggie's best interests to surrender her into the care of SPCA Canterbury.

Once Maggie was at our Animal Centre in Hornby, she began a rehabilitation schedule which included supplementary feeds and mineral blocks. Maggie received regular vet checks and dental care. After seven weeks of treatment, Maggie was back up to healthy weight and ready to find a new permanent home. 

mini Maggie at home


Through our contacts within the horse community, we were able to find Maggie a new family who are dedicated to ensuring she remains healthy and happy in her new home.

Every year we care for thousands of injured, sick, abandoned and abused animals just like 'Maggie'. Without your support these animals wouldn't get the 'happy endings' they deserve.

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