The I Puppies

Sadly, in the cold of winter, nine small puppies were dumped in a Christchurch park and left for dead. They were distressed and extremely cold, crying out for food, warmth – and their mum.

Every year, thousands of animals are born unwanted and unloved – with no one to care for them. But with your support, the SPCA will have the resources it needs to save the lives of many more neglected animals like these precious puppies.

The first priority for the team was to keep the pups warm, safe and fed – and that’s a real mission when there are nine of them with no mother. Puppies rely on their mum for food, heat and antibodies until they’re at least eight weeks old. Without her, they need a lot of care to survive. Because these pups were barely six weeks old, their fragile little lives depended on the dedicated team members at the SPCA.

A lot of effort goes into saving abandoned animals as young and vulnerable as these. But the truth is, those animals depend on you as much as they do on everyone at the SPCA. Because without your wonderful generosity, we simply wouldn’t have the resources to do what we do.

mini SPCA Canterbury Abandoned puppies 1mini Iggy and Ike

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