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New Unit


new unit 1

HELP US create a new purpose-built Quarantine facility that will provide a much more spacious, hygienic, safe and enriching environment for our dogs and puppies.

The proposed new building will include the following features:

  • 1 and a half times larger than the existing unit
  • Increased large individual pens with own cleaning/storage
  • Separate clinic with specialised equipmentnew unit 2
  • Large maternity pen
  • Seperate kitchen with pantry
  • Large storage room for bedding
  • 'All weather' exercise area for dogs and puppies
  • Large outdoor grassed exercise run
  • Improved safety features, e.g. remote doors
  • Easy clean walls, floors and perspex doors
  • Animal Ambulance access around entire building to individual pens

new unit 3

These improvements will allow us to care for more dogs and puppies in need than ever before!

Rehabilitating scared or assertive dogs, accommodating aggressive canines, providing treatment for the sick and injured, and caring for mothers and puppies, will all be made much easier thanks to the enhanced features of this new complex.

Unfortunately SAVING LIVES often comes at great financial expense and this new Quarantine Unit may cost us more than $1 million to build. Given the total, this appeal will be a long term project with an aim to build in 2016. With no government funding, we simply cannot achieve this without your kind assistance and generosity. Thank you for your support!

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