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Chance's Story

ABANDONED...chance 2

All too often we see the result of irresponsible pet ownership through the eyes of abandoned puppies and mothers. Over the years we have seen unwanted orphans left to fend for themselves in parks, by river beds, paddocks, neglected houses and dumped at our front gate. They often arrive at our Centre in poor health, scared and underweight. It is heartbreaking to know that this form of neglect is so easily prevented by the simple act of desexing your pet. Being born 'unwanted' is a terrible fate for these sweet and innocent young pups, many of whom grow up to be very loyal and devoted companions.


Chance” was abandoned with her mum and five siblings, left to fend for themselves, they were very hungry and cold. The unwanted family spent several weeks at our Quarantine Unit and due to the size of the puppies, they were unable to stay together in one pen as our current facility is too small. Chance is the proud ‘face’ of our Project 2nd Chance appeal because his story represents the vast majority of dogs and puppies that need our help to survive. He is one of the lucky ones and is now living in the lap of luxury with his devoted owners who feel extremely honoured that “he chose us”.

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N.B. Please note that uninjured and healthy stray dogs are the responsibility of the local Council Animal Control Unit.

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