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Eddie's Story

SICK...eddie 2

Our team look after hundreds of sick dogs and puppies every year. The Quarantine Unit acts as a treatment centre for these animals with our staff helping them to heal and recover as quickly as possible. With the assistance of supporting vet services, our team provide regular care and administer medication as necessary. Sick animals are often admitted into our care with little or no history, which can make it very difficult to treat their illness. Some spend a short time in recovery while others can remain in this unit for weeks and occasionally months.


“Eddie” was six weeks old when he arrived at our Centre. The runt of an abandoned litter he struggled with weight and health issues. Eddie’s small stomach was riddled with worms and he had a skin condition which made him extremely uncomfortable. Following weeks of treatment and lots of TLC, Eddie was available for adoption and quickly fell in love with a dog loving couple who couldn’t resist his gorgeous big eyes and playful personality. Despite his poor start in life, he is now a cherished member of a family and star pupil at his local puppy school.

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