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Ellie's Story

ABUSED...ellie 2

One of the most difficult tasks our team deal with regularly are cases of abuse and neglect. Animals have no choice but to completely trust and rely upon their human owners to meet their needs. Unfortunately some owners struggle to provide even the most basic requirements, while others commit terrible acts of abuse and cruelty. People often comment, "I couldn't do your job, how do you cope?". The answer is simple...we do it to SAVE LIVES! Without our intervention many more animals would suffer and those we do save have a SECOND CHANCE at a happy 'forever home'.


“ELLIE” was rescued from an owner who could no longer afford to adequately care for her. When she was collected by SPCA Inspectors she was severly underweight, dehydrated and lethargic. Unfortunately this is a situation we see all too often. When families are struggling financially the first to ‘feel the pinch’ are household pets. Ellie’s diet was strictly monitored and within a couple of months she was the picture of health and had regained her trust in humans once again. Ellie was adopted by a young Canterbury couple who are proud to say that she is a very loyal and affectionate 'pampered pooch'. Her previously shy demeanour has been replaced by an outgoing personality that brings joy to their daily life, "Adopting Ellie is one of the best decisions we have ever made!"

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