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Sky's Story 2

Dogs and puppies often come to our Centre with a variety of injuries. Some are self-inflicted, many are caused by accidents and a few have injuries which are given to them by others. The Quarantine Unit acts as a convalescence home for these animals. Our dedicated staff carefully monitor each case, providing daily care and treatment, in the hope that each animal makes a full and speedy recovery. 


"SKY" was unwanted and came into our care at just 5 months old. She was extremely scared and had an ulcer on her head which required immediate treatment. Sky spent some time in our Quarantine unit wearing an uncomfortable cone to help the wound heal quickly. After several weeks, Sky found her new forever home with a young Christchurch family who simply could not imagine life without her. She now spends her days tricking the children into giving her treats and enjoying weekends at dog parks and beaches. Her memories of being unwanted are long forgotten, replaced by frequent displays of affection, love and reassurance from her new adoring family.

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