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The Issues


issues 1

Every year we care for hundreds of sick, injured, abandoned and abused dogs and puppies in need. Upon arrival these animals are placed into our Quarantine Unit where they are assessed, treated and rehabilitated in preparation for adoption.

Our Dog Quarantine Unit is truly a home for second chances and we need your help to build a completely new facility, to replace our current run down unit. Our staff work hard to provide our dogs with the best quality care and treatment, but unfortunately this job is made more difficult due to the dilapitated state of our existing Quarantine Unit.

The current facility no longer meets our needs for a variety of reasons. Below are some of our issues to name just a few...

issues 2

    - Each kennel and run is very small allowing animals a limited space to move around comfortably.
    - Maternity pens are too small. Large pups must be seperated from mum and rotated regularly.
    - Staff have great difficult getting into pens to care for animals.
    - No seperate kitchen so all feeding and cleaning of bowls must happen within the main unit, with no storage room for food.
    - No bathing/shower room so all cleaning of dogs and puppies must be done in tubs.
    - Very small clinic/treatment room with basic equipment. Difficult space for large dog handling.
    - No lockable storage room for blankets and cleaning products.
    issues 3

    - One heat pump only services half of the unit leaving it extremely cold, particularly in winter.
    - Pens with wire doors face into each other increasing the risk of spreading illness and disease.
    - Washing out pens in this environment means dirty water runs past other pens again increasing the risk of cross contamination.
    - Large gaps between wire doors and the floor can be hazardous to small paws.
    - Cold and hard concrete floors can cause problems for puppy growth and development.
    - One small exercise yard with very little play equipment. Difficult to keep clean and puppies are unable to utilise this space due to health risks.
    issues 4

    - All doors require manual opening/closing which can be difficult when working with agressive dogs.
    - Lack of a surrounding fence can increase the risk of animals escaping.
    - Animal ambulance is unable to take dogs and puppies directly into the unit.

With all of these issues (and more) our team do their best with the tools they have available, but with your help we could build a new facility that would allow us to HELP MORE animals in need!



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