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A career with animals

What qualifications will you need and how should you go about it?

Working as a volunteer animal attendant (for people age 16 and over) is always a good introduction to the SPCA. By volunteering at your local SPCA, you become familiar with how the organisation works, who is responsible for what, how the various areas function, how individual cases are handled, and so on. Having plenty of hands-on experience with your own animals is also helpful.

School age students:

The following are suggested school study subjects to help lead you in the right direction:

  • For younger students – Large Animal Science Badge
  • High school subjects – Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and English
  • Older students - Animal work experience at an SPCA, vet clinic, pet shop, or boarding kennels/cattery.

The following tertiary qualifications that would be useful for an SPCA animal attendant or field officer are:

  • National Certificate in Animal Care
  • National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing

If you are interested in becoming an Inspector you will need the following qualifications:

Certificate in Animal Welfare Investigations
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