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Join our Critters Club and become a Canterbury Ambassador for Animals!resizedimage167355 Critters Club

The Critters Club is for kids aged 0-15 years. It’s a fun, educational club that allows kids who love animals, to share their passion with other like-minded kids. Club members can share stories, activities, puzzles and photos in our fun "Chit Chat" magazine.

As a Critters Club member you will receive:

  • A "Chit Chat" magazine subscription.
  • An SPCA Canterbury sticker.
  • And you’ll also get news and updates about events concerning SPCA Canterbury.

AND, the best news is - IT'S FREE! There is NO COST to be a Critters Club member.

  1. Click here to download the membership brochure. Complete the form and send it to: Admin Team, SPCA Canterbury, P.O. Box 16880, Hornby, Christchurch 8441. Alternatively, you can scan your form and email it to us.
  2. Call our friendly administration team on (03) 344 2087 to sign up over the phone.
  3. Email us, stating you wish to join our Critters Club and provide us with the following:
    Name, Address, Phone, Email and Birthdate.

Once we have received and processed your application we will send you a welcome letter, SPCA stickers and the latest copy of our Chit Chat magazine. If you have any queries regarding our Critters Club please phone us on (03) 344 2087.

Thank you for supporting Canterbury animals - we hope you become a Critters Club member soon!

CRITTERS CLUB UPDATE - Summer 2016/2017

Congratulations to Jaimee Cooper, winner of our Cheeky Animal Photo Competition. Congratulations also to Georgia and Isabelle Radcliffe, Alexis and Eli Jarvie-Scott and Perez Thoms-Teika Scott who were the runners-up.
Look out for their awesome photos in the next issue of Chit Chat due out in January!

Happy holidays to all our Critter Club members!

We would like to share a wonderful bird rescue story from Critter Club member Milly Ansley...

I was playing behind our house when I saw a bird lying down on its side. I noticed it was still alive so I picked it up; it snuggled into my hand.

It had just smacked into the window of someone's house. The next day I set it free into some leaves by a safe tree.

Well done, Milly.

resizedimage200266 Milly Ansley and Rescued Birdedited


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