Green Building – Creating a Better Place


Whether you are looking for custom home builders in North shore Auckland,  there are many options available. Whether you are a new home owner looking for something to come in as a replacement for your current dwelling or you are an agent representing a builder, you can look at the entire range of designs and projects from Palm Beach builder companies. Whether you want to build a beachfront villa, a luxury villa, a single family home, or even a series of homes on the water, you can find the right option for you in the Palm Beach builder industry. Whether you are looking for custom dream homes for sale or custom home plans and designs, you can count on Palm Beach builders to meet your every need.

Palm Beach County has many exceptional new home builders to choose from. You can find some of the best in the industry right on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Beach Gardens. Located just minutes from West Palm Beach, this location is perfect for both first time home owners and seasoned veterans who are looking for new construction. With beautiful landscaping and award winning architecture, you can create your own dream home in this unique setting.

For those who are searching for something much larger, but still on the waterfront, constructing a home on the ocean may be a more feasible option. There are also many large single-family detached homes available. The expansive nature of the county means that you will not miss out on the opportunities to enjoy the ocean’s bounty. You can also find great deals on rental houses, town homes, and condominiums with easy access to the facilities of the county’s public schools and community centers. These properties also offer easy access to golf courses, shopping malls, and all of the other recreational activities and attractions Palm Beach County has to offer.

For those families wishing to create their own living space, North Palm Beach builders are just a phone call away. From custom home builders to builders who offer finishing and architectural services, Palm Beach County has something to offer you. The new construction and renovation trends being pursued by Palm Beach County are making owning a home not only a practical decision but a pleasure as well. Whether you are searching for a luxury oceanfront home, or a comfortable, updated single family dwelling, there is a builder in Palm Beach County to meet your needs.

New home builders are also offering environmentally friendly living options. They have completed projects in Palm Beach County that feature solar roofing, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, low and zero-voltage appliances, as well as recycled building materials. Palm Beach County is committed to taking active steps to end the use of disposable diapers, formula, and paper products, while reducing our dependence on imported oil. The County is also working hard to make our air free of all toxic chemicals and pollution. These steps are bearing fruit with the reduction of thousands of toxic chemical waste pieces coming off of construction sites.

Palm Beach County is also an environmentally responsible city. It is a proud member of the Sun Trust for green building, which has achieved such distinguished status with the passing of its third phase. In addition to its commitment to sustainable development, new home builders are making it a point to use materials and practices that are environmentally sound. This means using non-toxic glues, paint, adhesives, sealants, and materials that are non-chemical in nature. Some may question whether these practices and materials are cost effective, but when you take into account that your new home will be standing on solid, non-toxic materials and will have a long life even with minimal maintenance, the answer is a resounding yes!

Palm Beach County is a proud member of the Builders Association of Palm Beach County, which has helped to put together numerous successful seminars and workshops for new home builders. The Boca Raton Builders and Contractors Association also helps to lead seminars and workshops to help residents learn about sustainability issues. Palm Beach County is also a proud member of the Partnership for a Healthy Community. Together these organizations have been working hard to improve the quality of the community and environment for years.

The future of Palm Beach County looks strong with many new home builders choosing environmentally friendly housing as their building option. If you are considering building on the North shore, now is the time to start thinking green. The benefits are tangible. Not only will you be contributing to helping our environment, you will also be building something that is comfortable, attractive, energy efficient, and durable.