After much deliberation, judges have narrowed down all the entries from SPCA volunteers across the country into a short list for the SPCA Purina Volunteer of the Year Awards. Canterbury local, Carole Worley, has made the short list for her dedication to the Canterbury SPCA.    

SPCA New Zealand CEO (Acting) Andrea Midgen says, “The SPCA Purina Volunteer of the Year Awards aims to recognise the fantastic efforts of our volunteers nationwide. Without their support the SPCA simply could not function.” 

Carole is one of those special people who not only helps the organisation function, but also makes it thrive. She has been helping out at SPCA Canterbury for the past six years. 

Since joining SPCA Canterbury as a volunteer in 2011, Carole has whole-heartedly volunteered her time every week. She has given so much to the centre doing everything from driving the SPCA ambulance and responding to animal emergencies, to co-ordinating the SPCA Annual Appeal each year, educating the younger community, providing around the clock assistance by fostering dogs who require a lot of time and attention - the list goes on.

 In 2016, in addition to volunteering at the Centre, Carole provided five months of unwavering foster care for one of the dogs. Holden (a Bull Terrier Cross) was a wonderful large dog who was also very energetic and in need of a lot of time and care.  Unfortunately he went through three adoption returns.  Holden would not have coped with the stress of being moved from shelter to household and back again had Carole not opened up her home to him.  After each return, Carole offered to take him back into her home.  This allowed time to eventually find his forever home, while providing a vital caring and consistent foster environment. 

 SPCA Canterbury CEO Barry Helem says: “Carole's motivation is 100% about making a difference for our animals, she doesn't expect a thing in return.  However, our appreciation for her support is so great we chose to recognise this by awarding her with an Honorary SPCA Canterbury Life Membership.  This is the only time a volunteer has been the recipient of our Life Membership, which illustrates how exceptional she is to our team.”

 Head of Marketing at Purina NZ, Jennifer Chappell, says “The team at Purina are humbled by volunteer stories like Carole’s and we are proud to be sponsoring these awards and recognising such deserving people.”

The winner of SPCA Purina Volunteer of the Year Awards will win a one year supply of PURINA ONE cat or dog food and a $1000 Prezzy Card. 

SPCA would like to thank all of its volunteers for their outstanding support, and encourages others to be involved by getting in touch with their local SPCA. 

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