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Young people are capable of making amazing contributions to their community. As an organisation that relies on our Canterbury community to function, the SPCA "Empathy Education" programme understands this link and helps to empower students to make positive choices for animals and people in the community.

We have a range of learning opportunities available for your students:

  • Presentations to your class, syndicate or whole school by an Education Officer and Animal Assistant.
  • Visits emphasise empathy towards animals and cover the basics of animal care and welfare.
  • Presentations can be modified to incorporate topics from your current unit of learning.
  • We can accommodate group visits of up to 50 people at our Animal Centre in Hornby.
  • Visits at our Centre typically run for 60 - 90 minutes and include a presentation, facility tour and hands on time with suitable animals. (We can provide each group with a Animal Centre Tour Risk Management template)
  • We provide you with a comprehensive resource pack, including curriculum linked activities for use prior to, and following, your SPCA presentation.

Please click here to download a copy of our latest education brochure.

This programme is a FREE service however, we are a registered charity and do not receive any government funding - so kindly appreciate any donations.

For further information and bookings, please contact:

Richard Marchant
Email us
Phone: (03) 344 4770 or (03) 344 4774
Fax: (03) 349 9820

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