Every year the SPCA Canterbury Animal Centre cares for thousands of lost, sick, injured, abandoned and abused animals.

As each animal comes into our Centre, we give them a brief health check and arrange vet care as necessary. Although we do not have a vet clinic on site, we work closely with several Canterbury Vet Clinics to ensure our animals receive the best care and medical treatment.

Some animals that are really sick, or have had surgery and need some time to recover, are fostered out into volunteers' homes. Here they are given time to get well again, and receive a little extra TLC before they are brought back to our Centre to prepare for adoption. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please click here to find out more.

In addition to receiving health care, each animal is given a temperament check prior to being made ready for adoption. Our team do their very best to ensure all animals available for adoption are healthy and happy.

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