Animal Ambulance

Our SPCA Animal Ambulance operates seven days a week, between the hours of 7am-9pm, to assist with any animal emergency.

Our staff are trained in animal first aid and will transport seriously injured or sick 'stray' animals to a veterinary clinic for immediate treatment. The animal may be cared for by the SPCA until the owner can be contacted. There is no charge to the caller, unless they are requesting the ambulance for their own animal. The owner is responsibile for all costs involved in recovering and treating the animal in need.

It is considered an 'animal emergency' if an animal is suffering and in obvious pain and distress due to:

  • Serious injury
  • Trapped in a life-threatening situation
  • Experienced an act of cruelty in which the animal requires immediate veterinary assistance
  • Serious illness and the animal needs immediate veterinary assistance

In the event of an animal emergency...

When you find an animal, that is not your own, in distress or in need of help you should:

  • Make sure that any actions you take are done so safely. If driving, please take the time to park carefully and do not put yourself or anyone else in danger.
  • Do not approach the animal straight away.
  • Observe the animal for signs of injury or illness, then approach it carefully. The animal will likely be scared or hurt and will try to run away, bite or scratch you.
  • Remove any immediate threat. This might involve moving the animal off the road, out of a swimming pool, or away from other animals (e.g. cats, dogs, birds).

Between 7am - 9pm:

Please phone us on our emergency number (03) 366 3886. We may ask you to transport the injured/sick animal to the nearest veterinary clinic. We will need to know the following:

  • Details of the type of animal.
  • Symptoms of injury or illness.
  • Address of where the incident took place.
  • Your name and contact details.

In all emergency situations, we kindly request that you stay with the animal until the ambulance arrives and follow any requests made by the ambulance driver. We really appreciate your support of this service!

After Hours Emergencies, 9pm - 7am:

Christchurch After Hours Veterinary Centre offers professional, caring veterinary emergency care when your regular veterinary clinic is closed. We operate weekdays Monday-Thursday from 7pm - 8am & Friday from 7pm without closing until Monday at 8am. We are open all weekends and public holidays.

Veterinary Emergency Contact: (03) 366 1052 | 90 Disraeli St , Addington, Christchurch

Please note: Any wandering stock, stray dogs or barking dogs should be referred to your local council animal management team.

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