Every year hundreds of lost cats, kittens, puppies, rabbits, birds and other animals come into our Centre.

If we think the animal is owned, and therefore missing from home, we do our very best to try and reunite it with its owner as soon as possible.

As each 'found/stray' animal comes into our Animal Centre, it is taken through the following process:

  1. Scanned for a microchip.
    If a chip is located we will search the relevant databases and contact the registered owner immediately. It is very important that you keep your microchip registration details up-to-date. 
    If a chip is not found we move onto step 2.
  2. The details of the animal are entered onto
    This is one of NZ's nationwide websites/databases for lost and found pets.
  3. For the first seven days the animal is held in our care, while we attempt to locate an owner.
    All animals that come into our Centre are given flea and worm treatments on arrival. They are also checked for any obvious health issues and treated as necessary. Please note: If the animal is sick or injured, we will do our best to keep it comfortable. If an animal is in immense pain and suffering, we may regretfully make the decision to euthanise at any time during this 'hold period'.
  4. On the eighth day, if an owner is not found, SPCA Canterbury will take ownership of the animal. (See Section 141(2) of the Animal Welfare Act 1999.)
    Once this happens, the animal will receive various treatments, to ensure it is ready for rehoming. This may include: desexing, vaccinations, mircochipping, health and temperament checks.

Please note that uninjured and healthy stray dogs are the responsibility of the local Council Animal Management Unit. Please phone Animal Control on (03) 941 8666 - 24hrs. You can also click here to visit their website directly and find out more about their service and 'lost/found' dogs.

If the dog is sick or injured please call the SPCA on (03) 366 3886.

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