Will you make an ordinary day extraordinary?

Angel's story begins when Tracy, an animal lover just like you, had an ordinary day that turned extraordinary. She found Angel in her backyard, shivering and afraid, with broken teeth and a seriously injured jaw.

But Angel wasn't thinking about herself. This brave, strong, dedicated mama had only one thought. Making sure her babies were safe too. 

For seven hours, Angel carried her kittens to safety. Can you imagine how painful it would have been for Angel to carry this weight in her mouth, with such a serious jaw injury?

Tracey knew the safest place for Angel and her babies was the SPCA, so our Inspectors brought the family into the care of our vets.

By generously donating, you give animals like Angel a warm snuggly bed, a scratch behind their ears, and help them live without pain. 

Like Angel, Willow's story also begins when an animal lover's ordinary day turned extraordinary. A couple were driving down an isolated country road when they saw Willow.

She was pacing, distressed and circling around a wooden calf pen. Shut inside was a taped up cardboard box with Willow's five, tiny, defenseless puppies.

Willow's puppies were just three weeks old. When a litter of animals this young comes into the SPCA it's all hands on deck to ensure they survive.

But the lives of Willow and her puppies were saved because someone like you cared. They could have suffocated, succumbed to the elements, or starved to death. It could have been so much worse.

To save a life it costs thousands of dollars, and every dollar of that comes from animal lovers like you.

Today both Angel and Willow are getting the love and care they deserve. These mamas did an amazing job of saving their babies.

Angel was adopted by Tracy, the kind person who discovered her injured in her garden. Willow found a home with a lovely person who cherishes the unconditional love she so willingly gives.

An extraordinary day doesn't necessarily mean finding and saving an animal. You too, can make an ordinary day extraordinary simply by making a donation to the SPCA.

Will you donate today and make an ordinary day extraordinary?

 willow and angel


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