Choosing a Tablet Holder For Your Truck

Whether to entertain kids during long trips or help with navigation, some drivers turn to tablet holder for truck. These mounts can be temporarily or permanently attached to the front seat of the vehicle, depending on the model you choose.

This vent-mounted holder provides a secure hold on tablets 7 to 11 inches wide, and it features a quick release feature. It fits most vehicles, including those with air vents that aren’t convenient for mounting a tablet.

Leverage-Mounted Holders

Leverage-based tablet holders attach to either an air vent or the stem of a headrest and allow a backseat passenger to interact with the device. They’re ideal for kids and teens who seek digital entertainment during long road trips. However, they’re heavy and may cause damage to the air vent or headrest if the device is too large. They’re also not especially stable and can easily slip out of place during bumps on the road.

These holder types are easy to install, but they’re less versatile than other options. They’re best for people who own multiple vehicles or plan to rent a car on a trip. Some stick in an air vent, CD slot, or cup holder, while others strap to the headrest or use suction cups. Some even have adjustable points and can rotate 360 degrees, letting you choose the perfect angle for viewing. They’re usually a bit more expensive than other mounts, though.

Cup Holder Mounts

Cup holder mounts are an excellent choice for those with trucks or other vehicles that feature large, deep cup holders. They’re easy to install and allow you to view the tablet in a position where it won’t block your car HVAC, radio or built-in nav controls.

This Arkon model offers a spring loaded design that expands to fit a wide range of vehicle cup holders. It’s one of the few that opens wide enough to accommodate tablets 8.9 to 12.9 inches in screen size. The cradle rotates 360 degrees to let you adjust the viewing angle for optimal use in any orientation.

For a more permanent installation, consider this seat rail tablet mount. It mounts securely to your truck’s seat rail bolts and can be adjusted in a range of positions. It’s a great option for keeping backseat passengers entertained on road trips or while towing. The holder also supports the mounting of a camera to enable hands free video calling or recording.

Suction Cup Mounts

Suction cup mounts allow you to keep your tablet within reach without taking your hands off the wheel. They typically attach to flat or gently curved smooth surfaces like glass, the fiberglass hull of a boat, or a car window. These industrial-strength suction cups can handle up to 50 pounds of vertical pulling strength, making them ideal for filmmaking.

They can also be used to hold cameras, lights and other equipment that require a stable mounting surface. Some have quick-release bases to easily move your gear between shots and locations.

These suction cup mounts are designed to fit perfectly into a vehicle’s cup holder. They can rotate 360 degrees and hold your phone in the portrait or landscape position. The model featured here has a 4.4-star rating from more than 23,000 reviews, and it fits cups up to 1.5 inches wide. It can also be used with a variety of other mounts to make your job easier, including ProClip dashboard and headrest mounts.

Headrest Mounts

This headrest mount from Arkon is a great choice for anyone who wants to mount their tablet or smartphone in the back of the truck. It attaches firmly to the seat headrest posts and has been tested to rigorous automotive industry crash standards. It has two knobs that you can use to adjust it, and it offers a wide range of adjustment for varying viewing angles.

This mount from Macally can also be attached to the car’s front seats, so it’s a good option for road trips or commutes. It’s compatible with a lot of different Apple devices and features a 360-degree swivel to keep your device at the right angle.

A vehicle tablet holder is a great way to keep your passengers entertained and to make it easy for you to access apps, music, navigation, or other features while driving. When choosing a tablet mount for your truck, consider your driving habits and the needs of your passengers.