Commercial Building Wash Wellington

A clean building is a great way to make a positive impression on visitors and tenants. It also helps to maintain your building and extend its paint and cladding warranties. Regular washing prevents dirt, grime and mould growth and keeps your building looking pristine.

A top-rated Wellington house washer will specialize in residential exterior cleaning and offer a range of services. They will use low pressure and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to guarantee a thorough and safe wash.

Mighty Oaks

Mighty Oaks is a building and house washing company in Wellington that specializes in cleaning homes with moss, algae, and lichen. Their team uses a soft-pressure wash and eco-friendly biocide to kill and remove the fungal growth. The company also offers gutter clearing and roof treatment services. It is a family-owned business and has a reputation for first-rate workmanship and professionalism.

The company is based in Porirua and serves Wellington City, Lower Hutt, and Upper Hutt. Its cladding and window cleaning services help landlords maximise their rental returns and meet the requirements of their cladding and paint warranties. Its soft chem wash service is safe for all exterior surfaces and is highly effective.

Another top-rated Wellington pressure cleaner is Manta Wash. The small professional company based in Lower Hutt is thorough yet careful, and its clients attest to its spotless work. They are also environmentally-friendly to decrease their harmful impact on the planet. They are well-regarded by a number of local architects and have earned a high client rating.

Manta Wash

If you’re in the market for a house cleaning company that offers both commercial and residential services, you’ll want to check out Manta Wash. Their team is well-versed in cleaning all types of exterior surfaces and will leave your property looking as good as new. They can also remove moss, algae, and lichen from the exterior of your home.

This family-run business has been operating since 1990 and specializes in safe, low-pressure cleaning that prevents damage to your home and its exterior surfaces. Its specialized cleaning system is able to clean all exterior surfaces without damaging them, including cladding and tiles, windows, roofs, and gutters.

Manta Wash was founded in 2022 with a simple goal: “do good for properties, people, and the planet.” This mantra underpins their operations and factors into their decision-making. They use the latest soft washing techniques and spend time each week learning about innovation in this space from businesses around the world.

OceanView Pressure Cleaning & Painting

OceanView Pressure Cleaning & Painting is one of the most trusted cleaning contractors in Wellington, with excellent punctuality and a team that takes care of properties like their own. They also offer other services, including interior and exterior painting, water proofing, landscape architecture, and rubbish removal.

They specialise in building and house washing, bringing out the best results on every property. They use a soft-pressure wash with eco-friendly biocide to kill and remove moss, algae, and lichen from your property. They also provide gutter cleaning and roof treatments, making them the one-stop shop for all your house washing needs. Their customers love them for their professionalism and thorough work. Moreover, their pricing is competitive and affordable. They even offer WINZ quotes on their services.

House Washers in Wellington

In addition to regular washing, a top-notch house wash service will offer essential services such as moss, lichen and mould removal. These growths can damage cladding and create slippery surfaces. They are also a health risk, affecting the wellbeing of those in the property. A quality house wash company will also prioritize customer satisfaction, providing convenient booking options and timely service.

A professional house wash specialist will use low pressure to clean the exterior of your home. This will protect your surfaces from damage and leave your home clean and fresh. They will also provide a range of cleaning products that are suitable for different surfaces. This includes timber decks, cobblestone driveways and more.

A top-rated Wellington commercial building wash service will ensure that your business’s exterior looks good and provides a great first impression to clients. They will also offer a range of other maintenance services including roof and gutter cleaning and even high-level window washing.