Whangarei Childcare Centre


Whangarei Childcare Centre is a community-based early education centre that provides early learning for children aged 0 to five years. The Centre is licensed to cater to 50 children (FTE) and 16 under-twos. It offers 20 hours of free education for children over three. The centre is governed by a parent committee and is open to the public. Parents of preschool-aged kids can sign up for the service online.

The centre’s curriculum acknowledges Maori as tangata whenua and promotes service to the community. It also provides an environment that supports children’s learning and development through a language-rich environment. The premises should support different types of learning experiences for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children. Safety glass and adhesive film must be easily accessible to children. The ERO will be visiting the centre again in October 2016 for a quality evaluation.

The Centre has passed a rigorous assessment process. The centre meets the licensing criteria of the Ministry of Education, including an inspection by a Ministry of Education inspector. Teachers are required to undergo extensive training and assessment to become licensed. The Back2Nature Childcare program fosters outdoor and nature learning, which is essential for children’s development. The Centre serves MANGAWHAI, DARGAVILLE, and WHANGAREI.

Step Ahead Childcare is another centre that offers high-quality child care and education. The centre’s educational program is designed to enhance learning for young children. Educators at Step Ahead are highly qualified and passionate about the welfare of children. The organisation is located in Whangarei, Manawawahi, and DARGAVILLE. You can find the closest Back2Nature Childcare to your home by using the directory below.

The Centre also offers preschool education for children ages two to five. The Centre’s curriculum acknowledges Maori as tangata whenua and acknowledges the special role of Maori culture in the community. The Centre has an integrated service curriculum and is focused on educating the children’s language, math, and science. In addition to providing childcare for a range of ages, it also provides education for babies and toddlers.

Back2Nature Childcare is a home-based child care provider with a license from the Ministry of Education. They must be passionate about caring for children and must have a strong commitment to promoting nature and outdoor learning. Its service is available in Whangarei, Managawahi, and DARGAVILLE. This service is a great choice for parents of small children. There are a wide range of childcare services in Whangarei.

The Government has a national curriculum that sets standards for ECE centres. It also ensures that teachers are qualified and have a passion for caring for children. The Back2Nature Childcare program aims to teach children about the environment and learn through outdoor and nature learning. They provide care in Whangarei and Mangawahi. And if you’re looking for a pre-school for your child, you can check the availability of childcare in the area.

There are many ECE services in Whangarei. The city has a large number of preschools. But places can be difficult to get in big cities. It’s best to check on availability early and book a place. In Whangarei, childcare providers have locations in Mangawawahi, Mangawahi, DARGAVILLE, and Bay of Islands. If you’re looking for a daycare in Whangarei, check out Back2Nature Childcare.

Back2Nature Childcare is a home-based provider that is licensed by the Ministry of Education. Its educators have undergone thorough assessments and must be passionate about caring for children. The program focuses on outdoor learning and nature learning. There are numerous back2nature childcare providers in Whangarei. You can also check the quality of care provided by the centre in other parts of the Bay of Islands. You can also check the accreditation of the centre through the Ministry of Education.

The process to review an early learning centre is simple. Just complete the form below to write a review. All the services listed here are licensed under the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008. These regulations ensure that they meet the minimum standards for quality and safety. The Education Department will assess each service regularly to ensure it is meeting the requirements of the local community. You can also find out more about the centre by attending parent evenings and special events.